The Metier Academy


 A weekly institution of study in entrepreneurial thinking and habits for personal and commercial success

The Métier Academy is a year long course of weekly study in entrepreneurial thinking and business thinking for pupils aged 8 to 17. The core focus of the Academy is to cultivate skill-sets and thought processes in pupils to equip them for personal and commercial success.



Areas of Study Include

Identifying Opportunities

We encourage pupils to hone their observation skills and unlock their creativity to be able to identify and pursue opportunities.

Identifying Personal Strengths 

As children and young adults career aspirations may change, however beginning to discern what their natural abilities and passions are will be a helpful guide for the future. 

Negotiation, Pitching and Presentation skills 

We believe in developing effective communication, negotiation and engagement skills.

Day to Day Habits for Optimal Productivity and Effectiveness

We illustrate the importance of practices such as planning, prioritisation and time management in achieving goals.

The Importance of Networking and Relationships

Networking and relationship building often play an instrumental role in progression.


Business and Investing

We explore the merits and challanges of the world of commerce with visits from succesful  young business owners and professionals.